At Special ice mineral Water and Ice, our mission is to produce the best quality water in West Africa, based on a technology that is at once environmentally friendly and healthy! Our American state-of-the-art purification system was specifically designed to treat our local water. Our process is able to produce water and ice that satisfies the widest range of users, from the individual who just needs good, clean drinking of water, to the corporate organisation that needs to deliver the best quality water to its clients for all occasions. No wonder our water is the preferred water of choice for many international airlines who fly out of Ghana!
Our reverse osmosis purification system, in conjunction with a measured exposure to ultraviolet light, sanitary, hygienic environment emphasizing quality control, has continued to make IceCool Purified Water and Ice Cubes the preferred producer of Water and Purified Ice Cubes in Ghana and the West African sub-region!

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Our Newly Refined Products
18.9 L Purified Water, 1.5 L Purified Water, 0.5 L Purified Water , 450 ML–Sachet Water , 2 KG Purified Ice Cubes, 500 ML Purified Ice Cubes.
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Purification Process
Our Proprietary Process is used to make our PURIFIED WATER AND ICE CUBES the best in Ghana. Starting with a regulated source, the water undergoes the following six treatment steps:

Potassium Ion Exchange: Removes hard minerals and replaces them with potassium.

Activated Carbon Filtration: Removes organic compounds, solvents and pesticides. All Products

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